Lumenaut is a software design company that specializes in developing out of the box analytical application for Business.

We are based in Hong Kong, the worlds freest economy (Frazier Institute), supported by a strong rule of law and ethical legal system, mature and respected financial system and a dynamic entrepreneurial culture.

Mission Statement

To develop software tools that are easy to use yet achieve a high level of analytical power.

Develop tools that are targeted to the needs of analysts in different fields of business, engineering, science, technology and industry.

Listen to the customer always as they are our best designers.

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Contact Us

Lumenaut Ltd
2A, Challet 13
Sea Ranch, Chi Ma Wan
Lantau Island
Hong Kong

Value Statement

We value personal integrity in all our staff as it enables us to be clear in our goals and dealings with our colleagues, customers and the world in general.

We value the creativity of the individual and the expression of views and ideas even if contrary to the popular because we believe that growth of individuals and companies occurs through challenge and enlightenment.

We value creating a product that our customers find useful and makes their job easier or better. When a customers gains success big or small with the assistance of our products, we gain the satisfaction that we helped.


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