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Current Release 4.0.3, 2015

Download the latest fully functional version of Lumenaut, with a 15 day free trial period. Works with Excel 2007 to 2016, 32 bit version.

Lumenaut 4.0.3

To install in Windows right click on the downloaded install exe, and select "run as administrator". If you experience any Installation and execution problems consult this troubleshooting guide

For instructions on how to use Lumenaut open Excel and go to the "Add-Ins" Tab above the ribbon, then > Lumenaut... > Help > help:

All tests can be accessed through the "Add-Ins" > Lumenaut ... Menu.



 Lumenaut Updates
Latest version of Windows to XP, Excel 2016 to 2007 compliant.

Versions pre v 4.0.0 require an updated license.

 Students and Academics
Discount License available.


If you have any problem during, download, installation or getting Lumenaut running please visit the support page.

We are always happy to help and you are welcome to contact anytime for assistance.

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