Monte Carlo Risk Simulation, Decision Tree and Statistical Excel Analysis Add-In Software

Lumenaut is an Add-in that plugs into Microsoft Excel, turning Excel into a powerful tool for Monte Carlo Simulation Analysis, Decision Tree Analysis and Statistical Analysis it makes it easy to analyze your data insitu without having to export to an independent package. It also enables wide sharing of files without the usual compatibility issues.

Lumenaut is widely used data analysis program in a range of fields including Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Real-Estate, Telecommunications, Insurance, Management Consulting, Power Generation, Health Care among others and throughout academia to teach such varied subjects as operations management, statistics, decision science, marketing, six sigma, and market research.

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We have our customers in mind and so Lumenaut was designed to be powerful and yet straightforward to use, enabling rapid deployment and minimal training to get up to speed. The comprehensive help gives example instructions on how to get started and we provide rapid support to all customers.

Lumenaut can be purchased as a complete package or as separate packages for Monte Carlo, Decision Tree and Statistical Analysis.

  Monte Carlo Analysis.
Build monte carlo risk models in Excel quickly and easily without using Excel formulas via a simple and intuitive interface.

  Decision Tree Analysis
Quickly construct decision models for any number of scenarios, fully editable and copyable enabling the user to mix and match previously constructed models. Includes sensitivity analysis, tornado charts and probability profile charts together with utility and Net Present Value (NPV) functions.

  Statistical Analysis
Tabular database format statistical package encompassing Descriptive, Paired Tests, ANOVA, Correlation, Regression, Time Series and Non-Parametric tests.


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Lumenaut is used in a number of organizations around the world including world famous institutions such as the UCLA, Columbia, Duke, University of Edinburgh, Harvard, Oxford University, University of Michigan, University of Virginia...

We have had may happy users of Lumenaut and here is what a few have had to say:

 Michael Beaton MBA student University of Michigan
"One of the nice things about Lumenaut is the ease at which variables are assigned, simply determine your variable and click a button. Not only does this save time, but it also cuts down on mistakes"

 Prof. Paul Damien, McCombs School of Business, Austin
"Lumenaut is perfect for those who wish to do advanced analysis of data in Excel. What is astonishing is that students are able to master the software in a matter of minutes. There is no add-in product for statistics that I am aware of which can compete with Lumenaut's modules or its ease-of-use."

 John Om,MBA student University of Michigan
"I was both pleased and surprised by the quality of the service that Lumenaut provides. I would be happy to recommend their software to anyone, because they really understand the customer".

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