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Lumenaut Statistics Package

The Lumenaut Statistics package provides a range of statistical tools for the quick and easily analyses of statistical problems conveniently in Excel. It offers a range of test which are of use in business, science and engineering.

  1. Descriptive (Descriptive Statistics, Shapiro-Wilks and Cross Tables)
  2. Paired tests, (t-Test, Paired t-Test, Single t-Test)
  3. ANOVA, (Bartlett, Oneway ANOVA, Twoway ANOVA, Tukey Kramer)
  4. Regression (Linear, Logistic and Logistic Count regression
  5. Correlation (Pearson Correlation, Spearman Rank Correlation)
  6. Time Series (Auto-correlation and Lagged variables); and
  7. Non-parametric (Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis, Friedman, Wilcoxon)

  Review by Prof. Fred Feinberg, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Lumenaut does what Microsoft should have ages ago: built a full-featured, robust, user-friendly statistical package right in to Excel. Lumenaut puts much of the power of SPSS and SAS where users really need it, without having to leave the spreadsheet environment. Even for the analyses which Excel already runs, Lumenaut adds not only a wealth of additional options, but superb formatting and a wide array of relevant diagnostics. The ability to run such common models as logistic regression without having to master arcane syntax, and to have the results put in the same friendly format as standard linear regression, makes actually using statistical models both easier and dramatically less intimidating. Our statistics and marketing research courses have benefited tremendously by having Lumenaut integrated into the learning process, and we have made it a major platform for our text, Modern Marketing Research: Concepts, Methods and Cases. Overall, it is an exceptional program and, compared with any other solution with similar functionality, terrific value.


Try Lumenaut for Free for 15 days, just download and install.



Key Highlights for the Lumenaut Statistics Package

  1. Fully integrated into Excel;
  2. Easy to use interface;
  3. No need to transfer data to third party analysis package;
  4. Analyses data in columns which suits most database formats
  5. Results displayed in a clear and straightforward manner to allow easy interpretation; and
  6. Very reasonably priced.





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