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Descriptive Statistics


Classic descriptive parameters generate for each variable :


1. Number of observations,
2. Mean, Median, Mode,
3. Standard Deviation, Sample Variance, Standard Error,
4. Lower and upper X% Confidence Limit of the Mean,
5. Kurtosis, Skewness,
6. Range, Minimum,Maximum


1. Frequency distribution chart for observed values
2. Predicted normal distribution for observed values
3. Box Plots

Shapiro-Wilks Test for Normality

A powerful test used to determine the degree of normality of a single sample. Most commonly used as a precursor test to those Parametric tests that require normally distribute data.


CrossTables is used to expose relationship patterns in categorical data between two or more variables. In its simplest form a two by two table counts the occurrences of each category in variable one that also occur in each category of variable two.

Can test up to 5 variables with 1 Column X 1 row and up to 3 additional nested rows (layers).

Able to exclude unwanted categories in a variable either fixed or on the fly at analysis time.


1. Actual observed counts are displayed along with the Expected counts
2. Chi squared statistic

Database Tools

User can ascribe alphanumeric labels to individual categories in each variable. For example 0 and 1 can have labels Day and Night.

User interface allows the auto-coding of the entire worksheet database or individual edits of a single variable on a worksheet database.

Used in categorical data analysis such as CrossTables, see below


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