The Lumenaut Excel software Add-In features a Monte Carlo Analysis Risk simulation, a Decision Tree, and a Parametric and Non-Parametric Statistics Software Analysis package, providing a power packed set of tools for your business, engineering, industrial or scientific analysis right in Excel.

Lumenaut is now offered to the community for free, please download the install package and license Here. Commercial use is permitted without restriction on features.

Developing Lumenaut was a challenging and rewarding experience for us, it has been satisfying to know that our software is used by thousands of people to enrich their analysis and decision making. The sales market no longer justifies costly further investment in major development of our product and so we are offering Lumenaut to the community for their use for free.

We will from time to time fix minor bugs that always seem to pop up with mature software and possibly add further features but generally there will be little change. Actually Lumenaut already has plenty of features for those involved in risk and decision analysis right now.

Generally we are open to providing support with installation or operation but would appreciate a small donation via paypal to to help subsides Lumenaut’s running costs.