Download and Install

Lumenaut Works with Excel 2003 to 2021, 32 bit version. Download the latest fully functional version and free rolling one year license below:

To install in Windows right click on the downloaded install msi, and select “run as administrator”.

All Monte Carlo, Decision Tree and Statistics tests can be accessed through the Excel Add-In Tab. For Example “Add-In Tab > Lumenaut Decision.” Help on features and usage can be access through the same tab for example “Add-In Tab > Lumenaut Decision > Help > Help.”

If you are prompted to install a license please first download your free license above and then follow the instructions given by Lumenaut.

Generally we are open to providing support with installation or operation but would appreciate a small donation via paypal to first to help subsides Lumenaut’s running costs.

If you like Lumenaut then a link to our website on your website, blog or other social media site would be most appreciated!


Lumenaut requires Visual Studio C++ 2010 Runtime and The dotnet v 3.5 framework, so if it does not run please download and install the below:

Visual Studio C++ 2010 Redistributable, follow this link click download and select vcredist_x86.exe then install.

The dotnet v 3.5 framework, follow this link and follow the instructions given.

We are working on an updated version which will run on 64 bit Excel.